Things to see and do in Las Vegas… Besides Visit Casinos

The words “Las Vegas” alone might enough to conjure brightly-lit signs and spinning roulette wheels, but casinos aren’t the only thing Nevada’s famous city has to offer. We’ve got a few recommendations that we think are worth taking a chance on.

Get Married

Sure, you’ve heard of a million stories of people who’ve gotten married in Las Vegas on the fly… some even married and divorced on the same weekend! However, you can still have a wedding just as fun and extravagant (or not: your choice!) if you plan it out in advance. You’ll find that las vegas marriage packages are not just plentiful, but include tons of fun activities and twists: you can get married at some of Nevada’s most breathtaking locations like the Valley of Fire and Nelson Ghost Town, or hitched by Elvis himself (an impersonator, of course… or so we think!). Las Vegas does plenty of traditional-style weddings too, so research and pick what you like best.

See the Grand Canyon

Despite being in Arizona, Las Vegas offers plenty of round-trip tours to the rocky wonder, including by bus and even by helicopter. If you’re short on time, a chopper trip to the Grand Canyon may actually be ideal, as it’s comparatively shorter and gives you a one-of-a-kind aerial view.

Visit the Many, Many Sites

You can wander the famous Las Vegas Strip by car or by foot, which becomes especially breathtaking when all the lights go on at night. Vegas is also home to one of the renowned Madame Tussauds wax museums, featuring jaw-dropping, detailed sculptures of your favorite celebrities and fictional characters. If you like free attractions, check out the Bellagio Fountains, which have dancing water shows every 15-30 minutes. Oh, and did you know Las Vegas has an Eiffel Tower of its own?

Whether you’re there for a week or a weekend, you can have fun in Vegas even if casinos aren’t your thing. No matter what you do, you’ll likely come out a winner.

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Ideas for a Gender Reveal Baby Shower

The expectation of a new life is exciting and brings so much joy. Gender-reveal parties are gaining in popularity and add a fun element to a baby shower. Check out these ideas for successfully combining the two.

The Guests

Of course, for a gender reveal, the father is going to want to present, so invite both male and female friends and family. Don’t try to make the list too large, ten or twelve people who get along well make for a great party.

The Gifts

Because no one will no ahead of time what the baby will be, request that guests bring gender neutral baby gifts. There are more colors than blue and pink – white clothing works well for either. Avoid ruffles or firetrucks and select woodland, bumblebee or nature themed items instead.

The Food

Since you are feeding men as well as women, skip the finger sandwiches and petite fours and opt for crostini, grilled kebabs or artisan breads and salads. Serve a few fun non-alcoholic drinks in self-serve dispensers. Forego the fancy cupcakes and go with a larger cake.

The Decorations

Again avoiding pink or blue, a woodland theme is always a hit. An underwater theme with octopus and a coral reef could also be fun. Stay away from stereotypically male or female themes such as ballerinas or baseball.

The Fun

Choose the popular raw egg to the forehead or break a pinata filled with colored chalk powder for the gender reveal, or look online for more great ideas. Choosing games may actually be trickier. Although it is a shower, select games that include the men, who typically don’t enjoy party games. Most will participate in good humor if it isn’t too “girly.” Try giving each of the men a full-size baby bottle filled with juice and offer a great prize to the one who can empty his first.

Most of all relax and have a good time. Don’t get too uptight about the particulars, just make sure the expectant couple is pampered a bit and everything else will fall into place.… Read more