Why Your Employees Should Have ID cards

It is hard to walk into any office today and find employees who don’t wear employee IDs. one of the ways to effectively enhance a company’s security level is to have everyone working for them identified in some way which makes the issue of creating suitable employee IDs really important.

The following are tips that can help a company create perfect employee IDs that enable them to implement their security programs.

Think of having a visual representation of your company on the ID by having the logo on the it. To prevent others from producing forged cards,consider including a holographic overlay so that the company’s logo can be clearly recognized when the ID card is positioned in a particular angle. The reason you want to make sure that your cards are unique and hard to duplicate is that fraudulently generated cards could be used by others to do things at the market place that can seriously dent your company’s reputation.

You also want to produce an employee identification card that looks aesthetically beautiful as well as functional. You need to invest enough time to make sure that the card meets the branding and security needs for your business. Color can be used to identify the departments or floors where people work.

Cards can be one sided or double-sided depending on the security features that need to be included. The beauty about a dual-sided card is that you can pack a lot of useful information on it without having to compromise on the design.

The card should always bear on its front side a clear photo of the particular employee who carries the card for easy and fast recognition. The security people should keenly examine the cards to ascertain that they belong to the person who presents them at the point of entry into the building.

Bar codes,smart chips,RFID tags,and magnetic stripes can be used to encode information about the employee . A card reader may then be used to read the details on an ID card and either give access or deny it into the building. This technology helps the company save money by eliminating or at least reducing the number of human personnel who work in the security department.

Have your cards made using durable materials such as PVC or contract a reliable company to process for you plastic HID plastic cards-these are known to last for as long as 5 years.

These are not the only components of a perfect worker identification card but they are some of the most important.
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