By Eliza Stuart /

Tips on How to Design the Perfect Trophy

Trophies represent hard work, excellence, and success. Because trophies are earned and never given, their recipients always carry them with a sense of pride. It just makes you wonder why some people throw away their old trophies whenever they declutter their homes.

This is why presenting a trophy that is worth keeping is the right thing to do. It will be very difficult for a person to throw away a trophy that looks elegant and stunning. After all, trophies are meant to stay with us until we grow old. The purpose of trophies is to remind their owners that they are capable of doing excellent things.

In this article, we will be discussing some helpful tips that you may use as your guide when designing a trophy.

1. Consider the material you are going to use.

When it comes to designing a trophy, make sure you choose a good material. There are lots of materials that can make your trophy stand out. Some of the most popular and beautiful materials to use for this project are crystal, platinum, acrylic, and glass. You will never be disappointed with the final result of your trophy when you choose to use these materials.

2. Seek inspiration from a reputable trophy vendor.

Martin Awards is one of the most well-known trophy manufacturers worldwide. Martin Awards is an experienced trophy deigning company and they are known for the quality of their products. One advantage of dealing with Martin Awards is that you will have plenty of options.

Taking a closer look at some of the designs of Martin Awards is a good idea when designing a trophy of your own. You will surely be inspired after taking a look at their collection of their trophies. If you want to learn more about their background and the trophy designs, all you have to do is visit their website. Just use the keywords: Martin Awards Trophy Designs”.

3. Make your design original.

When you customize the design of your trophy, it will be very original. When doing so, it is a good idea to add details pertaining to the recipient. Not only will this make the trophy more stunning and appealing, the recipient will also give it more value.

4. The size of the trophy is very important.

Size is a very important factor that you must never ignore when designing your trophy. Presenting a trophy that is too small will be a disaster because it won’t be seen by the audience. I also do not recommend that you make it too big because the recipient won’t be able to hold it properly. The best size for a trophy is about 10 inches.