Questionable ’00s Trends That Have Returned

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Time travel may not be a thing yet, but when it comes to fashion, it kind of feels like we’re stuck somewhere around 2002. For years at this point, old ’00s and Y2K fashion trends have been resurfacing, ranging from the cute (butterfly everything!) to the questionable (we’re still on the fence about dresses over jeans).

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Perhaps the reason we’ve fallen so deep into Y2K round two is because not everyone was old enough (or even alive yet) to enjoy — and later, regretted heavily — some of the more confusing, unflattering, or just plain strange styles. Or maybe many of us are just nostalgic for simpler times, when our main source of outfit inspiration was showing like Lizzie McGuire or Laguna Beach. Whatever the case, there are a whole lot of layering tricks and random accessories that have weaseled their way back into our lives, and although we may cringe at first, it might be time to give them a chance.

Here’s a refresher on which Y2K and early ’00s styles to add to — or dig out of — your closet.

Graphic T-Shirts

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The sweet, the snarky, the simple statement, etc. Slogan shirts are cool again — including slightly controversial Ed Hardy tees.

Pleated Skirts

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Admittedly, we’re all for this one. If you’re looking to go full Y2K, plenty of cute outfits can be created with pleated micro-minis. Still, if you prefer something a little longer, it’s fine to stick with a simple tennis option, just like Eiza González, and pair it with a casual shoe.

Structured Vests

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In recent years, we’ve seen models wear this style with nothing underneath — just like the stars did in 2004. Of course, at that time, metallic options were fit for the stage, and came complete with coordinated bottoms.

Holes and Cutouts

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There’s nothing sexier than showing off a hint of skin in the right place. Fashion icons like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa are big fans of cutouts these days, and revealing Poster Girl dresses continue to pop up everywhere.


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Some may blame the corset’s popularity on Netflix’s Bridgerton or cottagecore. However, the stars of the early ’00s also enjoyed this body-hugging design, inspiring us to work this lingerie staple into our sexiest outfits.

Platform Boots

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When celebrities first began stepping out in break-your-ankle heels, we were unsure if we could wobble around in this shoe trend again. However, platform boots have become a wardrobe essential and pair well with jeans, skirts, and another throwback favorite, the duster jacket.

Bags logo

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Every time we spot a style icon rocking a logo’d shoulder bag, we feel inspired to fish out our original designer purchases from storage. Coach and Dooney & Bourke, here we come!

The Kerchiefs

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We’re always up for finding fun ways to wear a scarf, and while tying a bandana like a kerchief may make us feel like

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