Importance of Sex Education to Children.

In the old days when the world was not as enlightened as it is today, education about sex was delayed until you reached your teen years. Today, with the advanced technology even young kids can access sex information. Having known this, we must accept the fact that new methods must be required to deal with this new occurrence. Sex education is a matter that needs to be taken with a lot of weight yet everybody is running away from it. People are still ashamed of talking about sexuality confidently.

Past are the days in which a woman waited for her daughter to see her first period then sat her down to give her a comprehensive lecture about sex and its implications. Today young kids are so curious to know about sex that you may wonder if they were born with the knowledge considering their age.

Today, what a person knew at their twenties is known by a child below the age of ten. Children are much influenced by whatever source of knowledge they came across first. You will be doing a lot of harm if you leave you to leave your kids to be trained about the matters of sexuality by the media, friends or the people around them. Addressing sexual matters to your kids early in their life will produce better outcomes than postponing.

Never let the sex-related questions raised by your kids go unanswered. Kids have the character of being interrogative. They yearn to fill up their emptiness, and they seek out adults, whom they consider to be symbols of knowledge, to guide them through. It might be surprising when child first asks you questions about sex, but it is your responsibility to satisfy their curiosity. Many adults will bar their children from asking such questions or even be harsh on them for asking questions related to sex. Even the society has branded any talk about sex as dirty but all this is wrong.

The answer you give to your kid matters a lot. Never give your kid an answer that shuts them up or for the sake of answering. always give satisfying answers to your kids questions. If you begin sex education to your kids early enough, they will not find it hard to approach you for help during adolescence. Early sex talks makes sex discussions appear common and nothing not to be ashamed of.

Ensure that your life is emulable to your children. Make sure that what you do is what you are telling them so that they can copy from you. When you walk your talk they will feel courageous in following your steps. Remember they look up to you and are influenced more by what you do than what you teach

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