Losing their hair is one of the main things that worry people undergoing chemo. While there isn’t any surefire way to keep your hair, you can take steps to help you look your best before, during and after hair loss occurs.

Before Hair Loss

It can be a good idea to cut your hair short, as it will look fuller and hair loss will be less obvious if you have a short haircut. It can also help make it easier to get used to how you’ll look once you lose your hair. Stop coloring, bleaching, or perming your hair and try to let it air dry rather than using a blow dryer. Don’t use hot rollers, curling irons, or hair straighteners. All of these make your hair weaker and more likely to fall out. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and pat it dry rather than wringing it dry.

After Hair Loss

Once you start to lose your hair, you may want to just shave it all off as sometimes the chemo makes the scalp itchy and dry and removing the remaining hair helps minimize this and also makes it so your hair isn’t as patchy. Then it is up to you whether you want to cover your scalp. If you don’t cover your scalp with a wig, scarf, or hat, be sure to use sunscreen to keep it from being burned. Many women feel more self-confident when they cover their head with a wig or cute hat or scarf. There are a variety of adorable options available at hatswithheart.com, and this company’s hats and head coverings are all designed to fully cover the head.

Choosing a Hat

If you decide to go with a hat, you may want to look for one with a brim during the summer so you get more sun protection. Many people undergoing chemotherapy are extra sensitive to the sun and get burned very easily. You can stick with neutral shades that will go with pretty much anything, or get a few bright and colorful ones to help make any especially attractive features pop. You don’t necessarily just want to cover your head when there are so many ways to do it with a little style.

Tips for Dealing With Hair Loss During Chemotherapy