Lillian Fallon, Author of ‘Theology of Style,’ Bridges Catholic Faith and Fashion| National Catholic Register

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Lillian Fallon knew it was time to leave New York when she got her big break. 

In the midst of a job search and at the end of a novena to St. Joseph the Worker, Fallon received word from the employer she had been hoping to hear from: her favorite designer label, offering her an assistant gig. The job depended on when the label needed extra hands in the city, and there was no busier time than New York Fashion Week.  

In her own words, Fallon wanted to conquer the fashion world. But by the end of her experience in that long-sought job, the illusion had been shattered. 

“I got an insider’s look at what the mainstream industry is like, and it was just people trying to prove that they were better than everyone else,” Fallon told the Register. “It only served the upper echelon, and it felt really disconnected from the rest of the world. I didn’t see how it was serving a greater purpose.”

She decided to move back home. “I don’t want to be in this world anymore,” she said of the fashion realm she had been so excited to participate in. “I don’t want to knock

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Daisy Jones & the Six is ​​a blueprint for delicious holiday style | Fashion

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A rock’n’roll saga of love triangles, cocaine and tour buses might not sound of immediate relevance to your real-life summer holiday. Or hey, maybe it does – no judgment! Either way, if you haven’t watched Daisy Jones & the Six, the Amazon Prime ten-parter, then I’m here to tell you that you really, really should.

Mainly you should watch it because it’s just so much fun. Sexy, gripping, atmospheric, the sofa-viewing equivalent of a perfect summer sun lounger novel. (It is based on Taylor Jenkins Reid’s perfect sun lounger read of the same name.) But specifically you should watch it for its wardrobe, because it is a blueprint for the most delicious summer-holiday style.

Daisy Jones & the Six is ​​the story of a rock’n’roll band in 1970s California, by which I mean it is basically the story of Fleetwood Mac (the makers said they were partly inspired by the band). Guitar cases and whiskey bottles and intimate love-hate duets sung up close and personal on stage in front of thousands. And the clothes – oh, the clothes! Breezy, floaty, semi-transparent blouses. Crochet vests and denim shorts. Faded T-shirts and cool fringed tapestry coats and skinny scarves. Finished with long

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50 Fashion Tips From Personal Stylists — Style Secrets from Pro Stylists

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Never buy anything too small, not even as diet “inspiration”

“As a male model, I’ve learned this the hard way. Even when I see something really eye-catching, if it’s the last one and it’s not my size, I still have to pass. I used to impulsively buy things because they were the last one and I thought I could make it work. But you can’t fix it if the fit is wrong.” —Michael Freeby, model and fashion photographer

Try this: Opt for confidence-boosting shapewear as part of your daily fashion routine, with jeans designed to shape you as you wear them, like these Yummie by Heather Thompson High Rise New Skinny Jeans.

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Fashion and style are not the same thing

“‘Fashion’ is the tangible clothes, the ones you see in stores, in magazines, and on celebrities. Style, however, is intangible. Style is how you take the fashion and interpret it into an outfit or look that makes you feel like you. It’s not all about the fashion or trends, but rather about accepting yourself, working with what flatters your figure, finding what tickles your fancy, and wearing what makes

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In Fashion: Joni Mitchell Always Ran Ahead of the Pack, in Song and in Style

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“The last time I photographed Joni, as she was leaving the studio, she turned around and looked me in the eye and said, ‘So Norman, what have you learned after all these years of working on yourself?’ I laughed it off and didn’t answer at the time. In my most recent book, published in 2018, the storyline commentary describes my experience working with great artists that I call ‘boundary dweller creators,’ willing to jump into the unknown and go beyond boundaries that most people don’t cross. It took a couple decades, but that was my answer to her question. This image is a direct lift from the contact sheet (opposite) that I had marked with a grease pencil to provide selects for printing.” Photo: Norman Seef

As Joni Mitchell turns 80 on Nov. 7, revisit portraits and reminiscences by photographer Norman Seeff about his 1972-1985 photo sessions with the music legend from our Aug./Sept. 2023 issue. 


There is a video of Joni Mitchell singing her song Coyote that encapsulates everything I love about her style. She throws a pair of skates into a red sports car, then turns to offer her

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Will TikTok’s biggest styling hacks of 2023 work in real life? | Fashion

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Move over, clothing hauls and unboxing videos: the growing phenomenon of videos offering unexpected, quirky or, on occasion, surprisingly practical ways of styling the clothes you already own are taking off.

A Gen Z take on “make do and mend”, these styling hack videos have blown up in 2023, taking social media by storm. On TikTok, the hashtag #fashionhacks has more than 17.4bn views, and #stylinghacks has 1.2bn. Stylists’ tips and tricks often involve reimagining an item of clothing so that it is worn upside down or back to front. Almost anything, it turns out, can be worn as a top – so long as you’re not fussed about having sleeves.

The interest chimes with the growing awareness of waste in our wardrobes. Earlier this year, a Business of Fashion report found that a “growing niche of consumers are pledging to buy fewer or no new clothes, amid growing anxiety about the climate and the cost-of-living crisis”.

So, with sartorial innovation and sustainability in mind, can these left-field social media hacks work in the offline world? I put five of 2023’s most popular hacks to the test.

Cropped shirt hack

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