By Eliza Stuart /

Guaranteed Weight Loss Through Simple Lifestyle Changes

There are many ways to reduce weight and these can be seen in multi-billion weight loss industry in different countries today. While it is true that you may achieve weight loss with diet pills, slimming devices, surgery or any other weight loss treatment, the most permanent solution for a guaranteed weight loss is engaging to lifestyle changes. There could be myriad of food supplements, fruit shakes, gadgets, and devices to help in reducing your weight, but these are just temporary without the right discipline in your eating habits and activities. You can still use these products but you need to practice the simple hacks to achieve guaranteed weight loss.

When you are on a diet, don’t deprive yourself too much of your favorite food because you’ll just end up craving and the tendency is you give up easily and turn back to your poor eating habits. If you were consuming one large bar of dark chocolate, then you may still eat your favorite treat in its smaller sizes. While it may seem just a little, having snacks after dinner can add extra calories and fats to your tummy and arms, so stop the stimulation of your tasted buds by brushing your teeth after dinner. If you already brushed your teeth, you’ll just end up not wanting to eat again because it means brushing again before going to bed. Weight loss does not happen immediately, you need to change your eating habits into a healthy one. Gradually eliminate unhealthy foods one at a time until you are sure that you won’t revert back to your original eating habits. For instance, if you are drinking three bottles of sodas a day, try to reduce to two, to one, until you can confidently live without it anymore.

Remember that dehydration may also cause a feeling of hunger, so drink some water each time your feel hungry, and if you still do after fifteen to twenty minutes, then you can grab a snack to curb your appetite. Don’t eliminate all fats from your diet because you need the good ones to help you feel full throughout the day and ditching fats altogether may increase your risk of craving carb-loaded foods. There are several ways to exercise aside from using gym equipment such as sprinting around your house while you wait for your microwave to ding or squeezing in a few push ups or bupees every television commercial breaks. You may want to consider combining your home exercise to this 8-week workout plan which does not require a trip to the gym. You can permanently achieve your weight loss goals by trying these simple tips.