By Eliza Stuart /

How to Choose Health and Safety Logo

A logo is an emblem or a sign that is used by organizations and individuals for advertisement or as a way of creating public awareness.The inclusion of the company or individual name to the logo is also very common.The difference between the other signs or logos and the health and safety signs is very small.The safety signs are also very important and everybody should make sure they familiarize themselves with these signs.There are health and safety symbols that are designed in order to warn people of a hazardous product or situation.

The colors used in designing the health and safety logos and signs are very important. The colors used in the health and safety signs are important because they help the people in reading and interpreting the signs fast in case there is an occurrence of a dangerous situation.When designing health and safety logos one should be able to pair up different colors and use them for warnings or indicating hazardous products or places.Red and white colors are the ones commonly used in designing fire safety logos and signs.Some of the health and safety organizations for instance The American Society of Safety Engineers uses green and yellow colors.

Prohibition signs which may include no way through, no smoking, no trespassing signs may vary in colors from black, red or white.The directional signs mostly on highways also play a big role to ensure accidents do not occur. The most common colors used in the direction signs are white and green because they are not only visible during the day but also at night.Blue and white colors are also ideal when designing health and safety logos.

Another important factor to consider when designing the health and safety logos is the symbol and the shape.A good example is the letter H used in most hospital signs.That letter H usually stands for hospitals, clinics, and even healthcare facilities.The sign used by the Red Cross organization comprises of a cross painted red on a white background.Confusion and misinterpretation should be avoided by ensuring there is an unique meaning in the symbol or shapes used in designing the health and safety logos or signs.You can also change the shape of the board where the logo is printed on to be more attractive and unique.

The originality of the logos used in the designing of the health and safety sign is also very important.It is good to ensure that you do not copy other signs and use them as your own.The originality of the sign should also ensure that it is easily recognizable. There should be originality in the health and safety signs by avoiding the use of common shapes and colors. Simplicity and directness should also be considered when designing health and safety logos.