By Eliza Stuart /

Have you ever heard of photochromic glasses? This lens is very suitable for use by those of you who have a lot of activity in the sun. Without these photochromic glasses, if you have eye problems so you have to use prescription sunglasses and you have a lot of outdoor activities that are exposed to the sun so you have to use sunglasses, you will definitely find it difficult to take turns wearing two glasses.

Because of this you need to consider using photochromic glasses or some call them transition lenses. This lens looks clear when indoors and turns dark outdoors, practically right?

Here are the Benefits of Photochromic Glasses

  1. Versatile
    Photochromic glasses can be said to be versatile and practical because they have two functions at once, as a visual aid and as a protector from exposure to sunlight and UV rays. So there is no need to change glasses when indoors and outdoors.
  2. Protect the eyes
    Photochromic lenses protect the eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Because the lens will turn dark when exposed to ultraviolet light, it can protect and maintain eye health.
  3. Dispel blue light
    These glasses protect the eyes by blocking blue light from the gadget screen. Blue light glasses also prevent eye strain from blue light. Although the lens remains clear when indoors, it has the function of blocking blue light.

The human eye does not have sufficient protection against exposure to blue light. Whether it’s the blue light that comes from sunlight or gadget screens. A study explains that if blue light reaches the retina of the eye, it will cause long-term effects, namely damage.

Therefore providing eye protection is a must for everyone. Without protecting the eyes, of course, it can cause damage to the eye area which in turn can cause certain diseases. To protect your precious health, hopefully useful.