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Five Effects of Weed to Your Body That You Need to Know

Those people who do not use weed always perceive it the wrong way. Most users are looked down upon as people who cannot deal with their habit. What most people do not know is that you can quit using weed whenever you like. The dependence level for this drug is way lower than that of heroin or tobacco. Here are some fascinating things about what weed does in your system.

Sparks Creativity
Many people claim to have epiphanies when they are high. You will find artists accrediting some of their best pieces to weed. It is no longer just a rumor; weed does help people become more creative. Weed influences creativity through changing the functionality of the brain. By shaping the way information is passed in your neurons, weed is capable of making your more imaginative.

Boosts Libido
Something else that marijuana does to your system is the enhancement of your sex drive. Weed naturally assists in heightening senses. This means that you become easily aroused because your senses of touch, sight and feelings are heightened. On top of that, weed raises the heart rate. If you struggle with a low libido, weed is a natural way of fixing this.

Reduces Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Using marijuana has been known to treat inflammatory Bowel Disease. Studies show that people who suffer from inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis benefit a lot from marijuana. It has the ability to reduce the inflammation caused by the diseases. Research shows that symptoms have been seen to reduce for those patients who treat their inflammatory bowel disease using weed. Weed has to be used in high dosages when treating such conditions.

Reduces Seizures
Epileptic patients can use weed to reduce most of their seizure episodes. In fact there is a drug that contains Cannabidiol that is being made for epileptic patients that is yet to be approved. Scientists say that the drug will be beneficial in treating conditions that cause epileptic seizures especially at a young age.

Used to Stop the Spread of Cancer
This is one of the most significant advantages that you can get from weed. Weed has a chemical component called Cannabidiol which helps to prevent cancer from spreading. According to research, those cancer patients who use marijuana record an improvement faster than those who do not. Cannabidiol can reduce the multiplication of cancer cells in the body. There has been a significant change that has been seen when it comes to different types of cancer such as stomach, throat and breast cancer. In addition to this, you should have in mind that tobacco leads to lung cancer but weed does not.

If you are a user, it is necessary that you put your surrounding into consideration, particularly where you work. Weed can last long in your system and sometimes you may need to take a drug test.

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