By Eliza Stuart /

Effective Ways of Flying Free or Getting Flight Upgrades

You cannot afford to travel to multiple destinations with the current increase in airfares. It is becoming economically difficult for the poor people to afford use of flights. But, with use of available information and being a little creative you can start flying frequently. Ways of acquiring free flights and upgrades will be well demonstrated in this editorial.

Using credit cards that earn and accumulate travel points. Finding the best fit credit card that gains travel points on use is key. Once you get the credit card, it is advisable to plan your purchases for the accumulation of travel points needed. Once you start gathering more points you can start getting free flights depending on the reward system.

The next way of attaining free flights and upgrades is becoming a devoted flyer. It is very important to pick one preferred air company and consistently use it all through. If the airline provides a credit card, it is advisable to pick one instead of the travel point card. More frequent flier points are collected when one uses the same airline consistently for a longer period of time. Having the preferred choice of travel always picked from the cheapest option make it difficult to use one airline consistently hence difficult to gather many miles. Any air company will find it easy to upgrade its frequent fliers when requested and they have vacant seats due to the loyalty of the customer.

Offering to take other flights helps in the possibility of asking for an upgrade. If you offer to take a later flight, the carrier will be coerced to upgrade you if there are free business class seats. In cases of overbooking and you offer to take a different flight it shows your patience and allegiance with the carrier and this can lead to an upgrade though not a must. If you volunteer to take a later flight you gives the carrier substantive ground to offer an upgrade.

Being dressed for the upgrade is another key component of landing it. If you hope for an upgrade dress the part. It is advisable to dress like a first class flyer if you are planning to ask for an upgrade as it gives you more chances.

well planned trips give an opportunity for free flights or upgrades. To land a seat upgrade you need to plan your travel when business class seats are vacant. When using points and mile it is advisable to plan during low seasons due to cheaper prices and therefore the points can cover more miles. Only vacant seats at the business class that provides an option for upgrades.