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Long gone are the days of having to physically go to an adult boutique to speak to a live human about sex toys you might want to explore. Not that there’s any shame at all in sex toy shopping, but it’s completely understandable to want this to be a more private, personal shopping experience. It’s a bonus to be able to purchase sex toys online with discreet packaging, especially if you live in a building with nosy neighbors or just parents or roommates picking up packages for you.

Most of the online sex toy retailers do so much of the work for you: They highlight their best-sellers, include reviews from happy customers, and even get down to the nitty-gritty of details on the products, from how loud and buzzy it is, to how powerful it is and if it’s best used externally or internally. The best part is, with such a range of retailers, you can choose to invest big bucks into your sex toy collection if you really want to build it out, or you can spend under

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7 best street-style looks from Milan Fashion Week 2024

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The Milan Fashion Week is an influential event in the world as celebrities, style influencers, and fashion connoisseurs touch down in the romantic city to commemorate the historic event.

The menswear fashion week was replete with brand ambassadors, clothing buyers, Hollywood A-listers, and fashion influencers decked in streetwear chic and eye-catching designs.

On the lookout for style inspo from trendsetters in the industry? Check out the best street styles from the Milan Fashion Week below.

7 best street style looks from Milan Fashion Week 2024

1. Sabrina and Idris Elba

The Hollywood stars caused quite a stir as they attended the Gucci Ancora show sporting Gucci creations and looked every bit the power couple.

Sabrina wore a daring off-white top with jewel embellishments on the neck and straps. She accompanied this with a matching purse, wide-leg denim, and the signature red pointy-toed Gucci shoes which she matched with a dark red belt. She opted for bold red lips and a slicked-back hairstyle.

Idris Elba matched Sabrina’s casual vibe with a patterned long coat from the Italian brand with dark red, black, and white patterns. He completed the suave look with baggy jeans and dark shades.

2. Karina

The K-pop sweetheart

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Why People Are so Interested in What She Wears

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  • People are fascinated by Taylor Swift’s every move, but some are especially curious about her style.
  • Psychologist Carolyn Mair said that’s because Swift is “the girl next door — but better.”
  • The musician’s outfits are simple, versatile, and easy to recreate, which keeps fans tuned in.

Fascination surrounds everything Taylor Swift does: her massive tours, her relationships, and of course, her clothes.

But when it comes to the latter, fans aren’t tuning in because they expect the shocking fashion antics of stars like Doja Cat, Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian.

Instead, Swift’s outfits are simple, understated, and in many cases, relatable. Who hasn’t thrown a big T-shirt over bike shorts and called it a day?

It’s that attainability that keeps eyes glued to the icon’s every outfit, according to Carolyn Mair, a chartered psychologist, fashion-business consultant, and the author of “The Psychology of Fashion.” 

“Taylor Swift’s style reflects her personal fashion choices rather than ones that conform to industry trends,” Mair said. “This authentic approach has made her a style icon and very relatable figure

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The Fashion Power 100 list: every industry style player ranked

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The fashion industry is worth around £1.2 trillion and is estimated to employ around 430 million people globally. But what does power in fashion mean now? Fashion is a followers’ game but the real influence happens on the high street and in your wardrobe. The (mostly male) billionaires might be holding the purse strings, but we’re wearing the merch. We’ve looked at the industry and its tributaries from every which way — is a footballer more powerful than an industry favourite designer if everyone’s copying their style? Are the traditional titans of publishing holding their own over the stars of social media? And what of the Kardashian Klan? 

The Standard Fashion Power 100 list is, in reality, a work in progress. Over the next 12 months these names will fall in and out of favour; one viral campaign image can propel a person to the top of everyone’s feed and one spurious post can get them momentarily cancelled. But for 2023, looking at revenue, followers, old-fashioned clout — and, most crucially, total cut through — we’ve compiled the 100 names which we think are directing the most critical element of all — what we’re all actually wearing. 

Non-executive chair of

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Personal Information Usage On The Internet

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In the internet era, it’s difficult to navigate websites without leaving a «digital trail.» From online shopping to social media, you cannot escape information collecting as it helps big companies tailor their services and create a more accurate experience for every visitor. It raises some concerns surrounding data security.

The Big Brother Is Watching For You

Online casinos are the perfect example of how big data works. To access the full content, players complete the Pin Up casino registration and finish the verification procedure as a part of the KYC. Such platforms require a full name, date of birth, address, and even some contact details.

But big gambling companies do not stop there. They also collect data on different gambling habits, including how people play games, how they wager, what types of bonuses they use, etc. It helps them not only to detect and report suspicious behavior but also to provide a better service for each gambler.

The good news is that reputable brands, like PinUp Casino, prioritize protecting the customer’s personal and financial data. They employ robust security measures, like the encryption of data and firewalls.

All of that is needed to safeguard all the sensitive information from

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