Online Shopping Cart Software Vulnerable: German BSI Report

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Security Operations

BSI Study Finds Outdated Software, Vulnerable JavaScript Libraries

Mihir Bagwe (MihirBagwe) •
February 27, 2023

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An assessment of online shopping cart software used by e-commerce sites performed by the German cybersecurity agency found a slew of vulnerabilities, including code so old it’s no longer supported as well as vulnerable JavaScript libraries.

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The Federal Office for Information Security – better known by its German acronym, BSI – said that it examined third-party web shop systems out of concern about the large amount of sensitive consumer data processed by online shops.

Germany has one of the largest e-commerce markets in Europe. About 8 in 10 residents spend money in online shops, creating a market that was worth $127.5 billion during 2021.

That number has only grown since, given that Germans used online shopping even more during the novel coronavirus epidemic. BSI estimates that 90% of individuals with internet access at least occasionally shop online, typically from a smartphone.

for a study published Monday, BSI officials examined 10 e-commerce checkout platforms including Magento, Zen Cart and PrestaShop.

German officials say all 10 platforms share the low-level vulnerability of potentially transmitting sensitive information from form fields to third parties through the use of autocomplete. Nine in 10 didn’t require users to use strong passwords – a BSI vulnerability classified as medium risk.

An unidentified number of platforms used software that has passed its end-of-life date, meaning that new bugs don’t receive official patches. Researchers found one site that was vulnerable to cross-site request forgery and three that were at risk of cross-site scripting.

In a BSI survey conducted, about one-quarter of respondents reported “negative experiences with regard to data security” while shopping online.

BSI assesses that Germany’s cyberspace is experiencing mounting levels of cybercrime. The agency’s temporary head, Gerhard Schabhüser, used the study results to urge e-commerce platforms to improve their security. “Software manufacturers must carry out regular vulnerability analysis during the product development phase itself,” he said.

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Bridging the gap between local retail and online shopping with Harvester

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Haley Lena

When local businesses started to close down due to the pandemic, University of Denver student John-Paul Evans wanted to help. Three years later, Evans, who grew up in Parker, launched harvestersa website that connects shoppers to their local businesses.

While talking with an owner of a running shoe store, Evans learned that many business closures were influenced by the pandemic, but the problem started years before COVID-19.

“The issue kind of started back around 2012, 2013 when online shopping kind of took off and especially online shopping with large retailers,” said Evans.

As Evans saw that online shopping made shopping too convenient of an option compared to shopping at local businesses, he began to think of a way to make it more convenient to shop locally online and make it an easy process.

For over a year, Evans tried to make different apps and played around with websites. Through Harvester, it created a marketplace that allows shoppers to search and browse products directly from local shops.

Harvester launched in February and already has 70,000 stores on the site for shoppers across the US

“All the stores that are currently listed on Harvester are ones that already have a kind of online presence with a website and they have their inventories up already,” said Evans. “I found a way to find a bunch of local businesses across the US that had websites with all their products and consolidated them all to one site so they could shop directly from that store on.”

With Harvester, online shoppers can freely shop trending local businesses by entering their zip code. They can also search for an item they are looking for and use the filter to sort by distance, price or relevance.

Shoppers can create an online account with Harvester and follow their favorite businesses.

The name Harvester was inspired by a machine that takes place in the process of deforestation, as seen in the Amazon rainforest. The machine is called a harvester.

“That’s kind of where I got the idea,” said Evans. “Because a lot of local businesses were losing a lot of their businesses to huge online retailers like Amazon. And so I thought, it’s kind of like a tongue in cheek.”

As Harvester includes local businesses with online stores, Evans said he would like his website to expand to a point where stores that do not have an online presence will join Harvester.

Evans hopes to grow the number of users so he can adjust the app as necessary to make it fun for users to come back.

“I hope to kind of put the fondness of local shopping in the digital form, kind of make the digital mainstreet of sorts,” said Evans. “I want to make it so any day of the week, you can browse your local stores and shop directly from your phone.”

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Most Annoying Instacart Shopping Fails, According to Redditors

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“A month ago our entire order got delivered to someone else,” one Redditor writes. “And we got theirs. It’s really strange to go through someone else’s groceries. Sad part is they had obviously shopped for a Super Bowl party and we’d bought fruit and salads and some pantry items for the week ahead. I know the other people were more upset than we were.”

Another Redditor shares,”I ordered only 5 items with the whole reason I placed an order was to get sorely needed cough medicine. The shopper quickly refunded the cough medicine, ignoring my pre-chosen alternative substitute if not available. I chatted and asked him not to check out without getting a substitute. He also refunded a candy bar. I had to get in my car and go to the same store, and guess what? Both the cough medicine and candy bar were on the shelf.”

Another subscriber was irritated by the choice of replacements. “First (the shopper) refunded 9 items and said he had no idea where to find them,” the Redditor writes. “Then I got cottage cheese instead of ricotta (not even the same brand so not a mixup), pepperoni pork pepperettes instead of turkey ones, wrong deli meat, missing blueberries, wrong breakfast pastries, and I ordered 6 bottles of one kind of soda and 3 of the other and he marked all found but only gave me one of each. Like how is it even possible to get all this wrong??

Instacart shoppers, meanwhile, jumped in to explain themselves. “Instacart is notorious for showing us replacements that you guys didn’t choose, especially since the new update!” one shopper writes. “The new update shows us a pre-approved replacement, (which) 75% of the time the customer didn’t choose.”

Redditors still weren’t appeased by the explanation. Says one, “It’s frustrating when I ordered items like an energy drink and said ‘replace with any energy drink of this brand or of the Rockstar brand’ and then literally had all 10 of the energy drinks refunded at the end of the transaction. And then when I tried to respond they said they’d already checked out.”

“They just marked everything as found, then at the end quickly marked the other 8 items as refunded. I hate when that happens in general… they might not have THAT item, but it’s unlikely they will have no cauliflower or tomato paste at all. But even the ‘found’ items were wrong?” says another subscriber.

One Instacart shopper says, “I always replace unless there isn’t an obvious replacement. Most tips are based on percent, and refunding makes your tip go down. Unless they say refund if not available, it’s getting replaced.”

Another shopper explained that it could be an algorithm issue, with one unlikely substitution affecting a future order.

“While out shopping for a customer I explained that the type of hummus they wanted was out of stock and asked them if they wanted a refund or a specific replacement, and then

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Online Shopping? Snag the Best Deals With These 4 Money-Saving Tips

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In recent years, online shopping has surged in popularity. While there are several reasons for this, convenience is certainly at the top of the list. Online shopping allows you to browse and buy everything from groceries and sundries, to treadmills and makeup in just a few clicks. It also allows you to easily compare prices, so you can save money by getting the best deals (to say nothing of saving money on the gas it takes to get to and from brick and mortar stores).

To help you save even more money, here are four simple tips for finding the best coupon codes, increasing your cash back, and ensuring you get the biggest bang for your buck.

To Snag Coupon Codes: Search YouTube

You probably already know to find money-saving coupon codes at free websites
likes TheKrazyCouponLady.com and RetailMeNot.com via coupon-finding browser extensions like CouponCabin, Sidekickand Rakuten. But there’s a lesser-known way to find even more: Head to YouTube and search for a brand, store, or product you love, plus the phrase “coupon code” (for example, “Ulta coupon code”). Then filter your results by date so you’re seeing the most recent coupons first. Online product reviewers with large YouTube followings (more than 10,000 subscribers) often receive exclusive coupon codes in return for promoting brands in their videos, and they share those exclusive codes in said video and video descriptions.

To Get Cash Back: Install a Browser Extension

Bought an item online only to discover the price dropped a few days later? Great news: If you have a Gmail or Yahoo! email account, you can get the price difference refunded to you when you sign up for the Capital One Shopping browser extension (CapitalOneShopping.com). Not only does this free tool give you cash back and coupons that help you save, it also offers a price protection feature that scans your email for online orders, then tracks the prices of items in your orders for up to 30 days after purchase. When the tool detects a price drop, it automatically requests a price adjustment from the vendor. The difference is then refunded back to the card that you used to purchase the item. To enable the price protection feature after signing up, click on your name, go to “Account Settings,” then “Link a mailbox to track your purchases,” and select an email account.

To Save: Upload Product Photos

When you see an item that you love at an online retailer or on social media, you can find out who sells it for the lowest price in seconds by uploading or dragging and dropping a photo of the item to Bing.com/VisualSearch or Images. Google. com. You’ll get a list of products that are the same or similar, along with where they’re sold and their price. Another option: Upload a photo to TrendGetter.com to find similar items sold at Walmart, or to Amazon.com/StyleSnap to find similar clothing on Amazon. To search Etsy, tap the camera feature

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