Eco-Friendly Online Shopping To Top $100 Billion

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Five years from now, none of us will go through a product checkout experience and not have the option to make our purchase carbon neutral. That’s how Dane Baker, co-founder and CEO of EcoCart, predicts the sustainable future of e-commerce.

His company, EcoCart, partners with brands and retailers to power a carbon-neutral and climate positive shopping experience. The app calculates the carbon footprint of products, giving consumers the opportunity to offset the emissions at checkout through brand-sponsored sustainability projects.

“We’re making it easy for consumers to take climate action in a frictionless way as they go about their daily lives,” said Baker. “Working with a global network of partners, we help brands strengthen customer relationships and loyalty. Shoppers have a deeper affinity with organizations that act on their shared commitment to sustainability.”

Brands of all sizes worldwide are using EcoCart to increase conversion rates and repeat purchases. A premium skin care product organization boosted repeat purchase rates by 50%. A fast-growing plant-based nutritional supplements company increased online cart conversions by 22%. One sustainable furniture company’s average order

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17 Great Alternatives to Amazon for Shopping Online

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In this article, we will take a look at the 17 great alternatives to Amazon for shopping online. If you want to skip our detailed analysis, you can go directly to 5 Great Alternatives to Amazon for Shopping Online.

How is Amazon Using AI to Help Customers Shop?

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is one of the biggest online shopping sites in the world and a global e-commerce giant. The company ships products to customers in more than 100 countries and regions. According to Amazon, sellers in the United States sold over 4.1 billion items to customers across the globe in 2022. You can also read our piece on the top Amazon Web Services alternatives in 2024.

On February 1, Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) launched Rufus, an AI-powered shopping assistant. The AI is trained on Amazon’s product catalog, customer reviews, and Q&As. The chatbot helps customers screen and shortlist product options to make the shopping experience easier and faster. Using Rufus, customers can compare product categories, sift through products based on occasion or purpose, and get the best recommendations. The company launched the tool in beta and will be rolling out to customers in series.

On February 7, Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) reported

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Five ways to protect yourself while online shopping

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Yubico is a Business Reporter client.

Business Reporter: Yubico

Over the holiday period, many of us purchase gifts for friends and family, bringing a vital boost to retailers. Much of this is done online: 96 per cent of people planned to shop over the internet between October and December, according to a survey conducted by OnePoll for Yubico, a leading provider of multi-factor authentication.

While this is undoubtedly convenient for time-pressed consumers, online shopping also leaves them open to significant risk from cyber-criminals. Around 90 per cent of all cyber-attacks are a result of stolen login details, often gleaned through the use of phishing, where victims are tricked into visiting malicious websites via text or email and inadvertently revealing their passwords or downloading malware. Hackers can access online accounts to steal payment information and make fraudulent purchases, while the use of duplicate passwords across multiple accounts means other sites used by a victim could also be breached.

Faced with these threats, survey results find that 82 per cent of Americans and 78 per cent of Brits are concerned about cyber-security when it comes to their online accounts. However, many are left wondering where to start when it comes to

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How to Avoid Online Holiday Shopping Scams

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Black Friday is almost here, and the shopping holiday brings with it a flood of promotional emails and text messages from retailers promising steep discounts—if you act fast. Scammers take advantage of the blitz by sending their own emails and texts, except their links are designed to phish your personal information or steal your money. Here are some telltale signs of scams to watch out for, and what to do to keep yourself safe.

How to spot a Black Friday scam

Creating a false sense of urgency is a common scammer tactic, and Black Friday scams can take many forms. In 2022, scammers posed as Home Depot, sending emails promising $500 gift cards to a limited number of shoppers as part of a Black Friday deal. The catch: Buyers had to pay a small shipping fee to receive the phony prize.

If you receive an email or text that appears to be from a store you shop at regularly and promises an unusually good deal, think twice. Look at every URL before you click, and keep an eye out for unusual constructions or misspellings. Amaz0n.com is not the same as Amazon.com, for example, and usps.upspb.com is not the US

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Online Shopping Is Arduous: AI Makes It Easy

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While AI isn’t an automatic slam dunk panacea for every business problem, one thing it’s incredibly gifted at is sifting through tons of information to help people quickly find the product of their dreams.

Anyone who’s searched for a product, be it an e-bike, laptop, or washing machine, is all too familiar with choice paralysis from information overload. Imagine instead, landing on a website and conversing with the smartest salesperson in the world available 24/7, who asks the right questions to give you the right product as fast as possible. Meet Zoovu, an AI-powered platform that helps B2C and B2B companies match customers with the exact product they’re looking for.

“Our cloud-based AI product discovery platform helps customers connect to their customers by surfacing the right product,” said Lamees Butt, senior vice president of global alliances and channels at Zoovu. “We remove choice paralysis by simulating the kind of in-store shopping experience that you would get with the most knowledgeable salesperson.”

Butt said that global brands, retailers, and manufacturers realize on

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