Oscar Fashion: Finding the Right Beard Style for the Red Carpet

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I was clean-shaven when I left for Palm Springs for Christmas. A few days later, I arrived back at home in Los Angeles with a beard.

I didn’t plan on my new hirsute look. I just don’t like shaving. I avoid it when I can. But as my beard grew in, my friends started telling me they liked it. They remarked at how “distinguished” it looked with its mix of ginger and white. I was worried I might appear older than I am, but my cousin insisted that she thought it actually made me look younger.

I decided to go for a trial run by keeping the beard for the Palm Springs International Film Festival’s opening night gala red carpet. I needed to see how it looked on camera. The beard was a hit. Austin Butler told me he liked it and so did Colin Farrell. A few days later at the Golden Globes, Andrew Garfield said, “The beard looks nice. The ginger and white is like a Prince Harry thing you’ve got going on.”

I decided the beard was here to stay. Yup, I’m that easy. Star-studded compliments meant new year, new beard.

But then some worry set in. How long should it be? How do I trim it? Should I be using beard oil? Is there anything as too much white in my beard? I had questions.

“I’ve tried to do it in the mirror myself and it’s like a little boy trying to be an adult,” says bearded recent Golden Globe winner Paul Walter Hauser tells me about his upkeep. “I feel like I’m cutting up a bonsai tree.”

With that in mind and the Oscars just around the corner, I sought out Hollywood’s top male groomers for their advice on how to make sure a beard is red carpet ready.

“Grow a beard if you have never experienced it,” says David Cox, who works with Chris Pine, John Mayer, Pierce Brosnan, Jeff Goldblum and Matt Bomer. “Start with a small beard and see how it looks.”

Length Matters

“I feel like a groomed, scruffy beard is in right now, more grown out that a 5 o’clock shadow,” says Kim Verbeck, whose clients include Javier Bardem, Adam Scott, Kumail Nanjiani, Charlie Hunnam and Josh Brolin. “I love that look with a nice haircut. After two to three weeks of growth, make sure to start maintaining by using clippers. Clean up your neck and cheek lines and the top lip.”

Healthy Hair

“To keep your beard soft and healthy, I recommend using beard oils and conditioners. They also leave a nice scent to the face” says Marissa Machado, whose roster includes Jack Champion, the Jonas Brothers and Zachary Levi. “Some of my favorites are by House 99 and Baxter of California.”

Verbeck and Cox recommend Tom Ford conditioning oil. “The smell is incredible and you only have to use a small amount,” Verback says. “Keeping your beard clean and hydrated is so important. It will

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Pedro Pascal: The ‘Last of Us’ Star Is A Menswear Style Icon

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Photography by Getty Images

Step aside, dad fashion. There’s a new menswear trend in town.

In 2023, the very best outfits seem to fall somewhere between looking vaguely paternal and experimentally maximalist. As it turns out, this stylistic niche is a gift that keeps on giving from Pedro Pascal, whose funky viral red-carpet wares are reliably reminiscent of a beloved older hip relative.

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The Chilean-American actor, who stars in HBO’s The Last of Us and Disney’s The Mandalorians, has emerged as a bespectacled menswear star in recent weeks. His tendency to play father figure characters coupled with his penchant for playful knitwear, his recognizable thick retro glasses, and his comfort-first mentality have propelled him to the latest frontier of father-like dressing: the fun uncle.

Take, for instance, The Mandalorians press tour. At the show’s premiere in London on February 22, the 47-year-old sported a cropped fishnet knit cardigan partly buttoned to reveal a gray tank. He paired his top half with red voluminous waist-hugging trousers by Acne Studios and a pair of black boots. Be it the laissez-fair vibe of his scruffy hair, the added edge of his semi-sheer chemise, or the fact that his vibrant pants were just a few inches too long, the jaunty ensemble perfectly captured Pascal’s internet-catnip charm.

Though he’s been a bona fide menswear star for years since starring in Netflix’s Narcosthe actor’s recent looks emit a renewed personalized aesthetic, Vogue notesthanks to his work with stylists Julie Ragolia. Case in point: while still in London promoting the Disney+ show, he sported a sparkly silver cardigan by Italian brand 4S Designs atop a sheer shirt from Commission. He experiments, but first and foremost, he prioritizes coziness. Obviously, this styling formula is really working for him (and the rest of the world).

To further drive home his love for cardigans, Pascal later emerged in a creamy Gucci getup at an event in Los Angeles. Wearing slightly oversized trousers and a gauzy yellow button-up, he completed the look with a mustard sweater tied over his shoulders — to keep the chill off, presumably. A most practical choice for sipping lemonade on the sidelines of a croquet match. And as it so happens, a red carpet winner, too.

This pragmatic-yet-playful fashion sense has prompted social media to order him a sexy “daddy” (see below). Which is, in The Year of Our Lord 2023, incredibly in vogue. Once-maligned fatherly styles like cargo bottoms and sensible sneakers are all the way back. Adam Sandler — despite all his efforts — remains an inexplicable fashion icon. The Cut proclaimed that the “dad-ification of fashion” would continue well into 2023.

But Pedro Pascal’s style is decidedly more refined. Sure, there’s a focus on functionality baked into his rotation of pullovers, but there’s also crafty color coordination, shape-accentuating silhouettes, and an ongoing flirtation with sheer textiles that offer more range

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The Style Evolution Of Florence Pugh: Her Best Fashion Looks

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Florence Pugh may have only become a household name in the past few years thanks to stellar performances in films like Little Women and Don’t Worry Darlingbut the actress has been walking Hollywood red carpets for almost ten years.

Naturally, her style evolution has developed as she’s grown up in the spotlight – Pugh is now a bona fide fashion star, constantly landing on best dressed lists for avant-garde designs she chooses to wear to premieres and award shows.

Below, see Pugh’s journey from the beginning of her acting career to a high-profile trend setter.


Photo by Dave M. Benett/WireImage)

A then 19-year-old Florence Pugh attended the premiere for The Falling with pal Maisie Williams – a mystery thriller and her acting debut in which Williams and Pugh play best friends at an all-girls school.


florence puff

2016 was the year Florence Pugh made waves, thanks to a scene-stealing role in the independent drama Lady Macbeth. In 2017, she attended the European Film Awards in Berlin, wearing this timeless jeweled gown and platform heels. This was also her red hair era, and we kind of want it back?


florence puff
Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage

2017 was when we started to see Pugh finding her style, starting with this iridescent gown by Miu Miu, which she wore to the British Independent Film Awards. Pugh said she felt like a “funky fairy” on Twitter.


florence puff
Karwai Tang/WireImage

For the London Film Critics Circle Awards, Pugh wore a Sandra Mansour Oberon embroidered dress, and was transitioning from red hair back to blonde.


florence puff
Karwai Tang/WireImage

Florence Pugh loves to wear color, and has a preference for red carpet fashion with an edge. This Staud dress, worn to a Royal Academy of Arts party, offered a hint of the star’s penchant for ruffles and striking detail.


florence puff
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Now very much hitting the big time in her acting career, Florence Pugh wore this showstopping Valentino mini dress to the Governor’s Awards in Hollywood. 2019 was Pugh’s international breakthrough year following standout performances in both midsommar and Little Womenso naturally her style ramped up accordingly.


RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Snapped on her way to Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2020, Pugh chose a Galvan sequinned midi dress, reflecting her current love of disco-inspired party pieces.

florence puff fashion
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

For her first appearance at the Oscars, Pugh wore Louis Vuitton, once again embracing ruffles and volume – two silhouettes the actor adores to this day.

florence puff fashion
Karwai Tang/Getty Images

For the after party Florence Pugh chose Louis Vuitton again, this time exuding old Hollywood glamor in a 1920s-inspired floor length gown of (you guessed it) sequins.


florence puff fashion
Mike Marsland/WireImage

Florence Pugh’s red carpet confidence developed over the late 2010s and solidified through 2020 and 2021. Here, at the Black Widow premiere, the actor proves why she’s a paparazzi favorite red carpet – her dip-dyed ends to match her eye makeup and this Miu Miu midi stand out – Pugh never shies away

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Maternity Clothes That Don’t Sacrifice Personal Style

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When you’re pregnant, like I am, and your body begins to grow, one of the first challenges you face in a day—besides having to roll instead of step out of bed—is getting dressed. The go-to items in your closet stare back at you unworn and neglected while leggings and oversized sweaters bag to be plucked out for the fourth time in a week. Even though those comfy pieces have a time and place, does being pregnant and wearing maternity clothes have to mean sacrificing all sense of your fashionable self? I think not. With a few wardrobe additions and adjustments, I have found that dressing the bumps can be fun, freeing and full of style. Even when I attended New York Fashion Week last month.

As you can imagine, the pressure to look and dress well for NYFW is immense—add a bump into the equation and it can feel impossible. At seven months pregnant, concealing the bump wasn’t an option for me; all I could do was embrace it and curate the looks that highlight my changing figure. I knew I would be on my feet a lot, traveling to and from shows and heading to meetings, so I had to plan accordingly. Comfort was key to every look but so was style; I heavily leaned into color, pattern and fit to add a bit of fashion week excitement to my outfits.

Here’s how I navigated NYFW and the bump simultaneously, and what to keep in mind when you’re putting your own maternity wardrobe together.

Julianne Costigan attends the Tory Burch show at NYFW. Photo: Adrienne Dick

Embrace your pregnant shape and show it off

Billowing pieces that flow over the bump in an attempt to conceal it will only add bulk. For the Tory Burch show in New York I opted for the brand’s body-con T Garden Mockneck dress in a bold pattern and online color palette to highlight my figure. What I loved most about the dress was the long vertical line built into the pattern that helped to elongate my body. Look for details like this to help you feel confident. When it comes to body con, make sure the piece is stretchy and go with a midi or maxi length so you don’t have to worry about the hem riding up.

julianne costigan stylist
Stripes and a pop of color. Photo: Adrienne Dick

Go big on color and pattern

Don’t hide behind dark colors; use bright hues and great prints to your advantage. While heading to meetings between shows, one of my favorite looks was a striped knit dress from Zara layered with a brightly colored coat and coordinated with a lime green bag (this is a trending color for cpring) both from Tory Burch and my go-to loafers from Poppy Barley. Adding color to a look can be an immediate mood booster for yourself and the people around you and helps you walk into any room with a commanding presence. I loved seeing pregnant digital creator Jenny Cipoletti

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Fashion influencer shares style mistake which can age women by ‘two decades’

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Fashion and beauty influencer Shea Whitney shared with her one-and-a-half million subscribers how women can age themselves unnecessarily with a few style mishaps.

Fashion and what looks good is subjective and honoring your personal style is paramount.

However, according to the influencer, there are some objectively aging garments and accessories that people can do with ditching in order to look younger instantly.

According to Shea, there is one type of handbag women overwear but shouldn’t.

She told her subscribers that handbags with pockets on the outside are dated and “aging” – “they look so not good”.

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She said: “I know a lot of you guys like your organization and you want to have a spot for your chapstick, a spot for your keys. I understand the appeal but it’s going to age you by like two decades.”

She continued: “There are so many stylish purses out there – they are very affordable – and all you need is a purse organizer.”

She recommended investing in a “sleek looking tote” and placing a handbag organizer inside of it.


This way, there’s lots of orders and a spot for everything on the inside, but on the outside you look “polished”.

Shea said: “You’re going to look chic, you’re going to look put together, and you’re going to look a lot younger.”

Her next tip was for the glasses-wearers among us. How can women wear specs without adding years to their age?

According to Shea, the key thing is to pick a style of glasses you love and “run with it”.

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However, there are two styles to stay away from at all costs – “rhinestones and embellishments”.

The influencer’s next style tip was to avoid huge floral prints, opting for “dainty” ones instead.

She explained: “You see a lot of floral patterns in dresses and pants and shirts, just really everywhere.

“Florals are always in style but I really think that the big, bulky, bold florals make you look so much older.

“I don’t have any scientific evidence as to why but I think that as a general rule, big patterns aren’t really that flattering.”

Instead, smaller, subtler and “daintier” patterns are what Shea suggests women go for for a more youthful look.

Shea’s next tip for mature women was to avoid styles frequently worn by children, for example, “little cardigans”. While these are supposedly “juvenile”, they can actually have an aging effect.

“I think there are better options. You could wear all kinds of different jackets, blazers – you could wear a cardigan but maybe a little oversized.”

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