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Fashion and beauty influencer Shea Whitney shared with her one-and-a-half million subscribers how women can age themselves unnecessarily with a few style mishaps.

Fashion and what looks good is subjective and honoring your personal style is paramount.

However, according to the influencer, there are some objectively aging garments and accessories that people can do with ditching in order to look younger instantly.

According to Shea, there is one type of handbag women overwear but shouldn’t.

She told her subscribers that handbags with pockets on the outside are dated and “aging” – “they look so not good”.

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She said: “I know a lot of you guys like your organization and you want to have a spot for your chapstick, a spot for your keys. I understand the appeal but it’s going to age you by like two decades.”

She continued: “There are so many stylish purses out there – they are very affordable – and all you need is a purse organizer.”

She recommended investing in a “sleek looking tote” and placing a handbag organizer inside of it.


This way, there’s lots of orders and a spot for everything on the inside, but on the outside you look “polished”.

Shea said: “You’re going to look chic, you’re going to look put together, and you’re going to look a lot younger.”

Her next tip was for the glasses-wearers among us. How can women wear specs without adding years to their age?

According to Shea, the key thing is to pick a style of glasses you love and “run with it”.

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However, there are two styles to stay away from at all costs – “rhinestones and embellishments”.

The influencer’s next style tip was to avoid huge floral prints, opting for “dainty” ones instead.

She explained: “You see a lot of floral patterns in dresses and pants and shirts, just really everywhere.

“Florals are always in style but I really think that the big, bulky, bold florals make you look so much older.

“I don’t have any scientific evidence as to why but I think that as a general rule, big patterns aren’t really that flattering.”

Instead, smaller, subtler and “daintier” patterns are what Shea suggests women go for for a more youthful look.

Shea’s next tip for mature women was to avoid styles frequently worn by children, for example, “little cardigans”. While these are supposedly “juvenile”, they can actually have an aging effect.

“I think there are better options. You could wear all kinds of different jackets, blazers – you could wear a cardigan but maybe a little oversized.”