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Fashion is in a constant state of evolution. Past trends are borrowed and reinvented to create new trends, or at least newer versions of an existing style. For example, the flares and halter tops labeled modern Y2K fashion actually originated a few decades prior, pioneered by ’70s style icons. Even fairycore borrows some key elements from the period. So in case you’re interested in embracing 1970s fashion trends, we’ve rounded up 11 iconic celebrity outfits from the decade, along with the way models, musical artists, and actresses are wearing those same looks today.

Keep scrolling for our favorite ’70s fashion trends to wear today.

Upside Down Bikini

Getty Images/Instagram

now: Kourtney Kardashian

then: Diana Ross

It may be one of the more confusing (and super sexy!) trends of the summer, but you can’t forget that Ross wore a similar, scrunched, string top in the form of a dress, way back in 1974.

Flared Pants

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now: Victoria Beckham

then: Dolly Parton

These babies tend to resurface every few years, and as we move away from slimmer cuts and embrace chaotic bottoms, flares have become a wardrobe must-have.

Crochet Clothing

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now: Olivia Rodrigo

then: Pam Grier

Summer knits continue to trend, and stores are stocked with crochet tops — along with crochet shorts, crochet skirts, crochet pants, et. al. However, we definitely associate this textile with the ’70s and feel the urge to pair those pieces with pops of denim and large glasses.

Breezy Florals

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now: Pink

then: Cicely Tyson

Breezy florals fit right in with the cottagecore and fairycore craze, but slightly sheer, layered designs are actually a subtle reference to the loose, carefree clothes from this decade.

Fun Graphic Tees

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now: Bella Hadid

then: Lynda Carter

Graphic tees might be considered more timeless than throwback, but you can’t deny the similarities between these two outfits, especially once you factor in the casual non-skinny jeans and chain necklaces.

Structured Vests

Getty Images

now: Kendall Jenner

then: Julie Andrews

Annie Hall came out in 1977, inspiring people to wear structured vests. These days, it’s more popular to skip the button-down when slipping one on, wearing this classic layer as a shirt.

One-Shoulder Sequined Designs

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now: Megan Thee Stallion

then: Debbie Harry

When most people think of the ’70s, high shine and disco designs come to mind. But don’t forget about the sexy, sequined, rock-inspired looks that were in Harry’s wardrobe, which looked similar to what Megan Thee Stallion wore at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Bandeau Halter-Top

Getty Images

now: Adwoa Aboah

then: Cher

Halter tops are back in a big way, and everything from curve-hugging dresses to beach-friendly bikinis features this neck detail. However, the bandeau style, which has a string tie, still reminds us of Cher, whose outfits, surprisingly enough, fit right in with those of today.

Twisted Halter-Necks

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now: Hailey Bieber

then: Bianca Jagger

We seriously think of Y2K Christina Aguilera each time we see this twisted, social-media-approved trend. However, the crisscross style really emerged half a century ago, when it was worn by Jagger, Cher, and other well-dressed women, typically for major events and parties.

Extreme Side Cutouts

Getty Images

now: Kim Kardashian

then: Debbie Harry

The key detail we’re focused on is that tiny connection in the middle, which helps the wearer show some skin and make a statement, every single time.

Oversized Glasses

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now: HER

then: Jane Fonda

The fashion world has finally moved on from obsessing over tiny sunglasses. Now, the larger styles of the ’70s, which usually include lighter, ombre lenses, are the new go-to.