Best ’90s Fashion Trends: Top 5 Styles According To Experts

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In the fashion world, everything old is new again. That’s certainly true for the best 90s fashion trends. After all, 1990s style had big shoes to fill, especially when you think of the colorful and iconic fashions of the 1980s. (opens in a new tab)But 90s fashion is also memorable. The decade is responsible for some of the most successful supermodels. Even Taylor Swift sings about the era in her song “Willow” with the lyric — “But I come back stronger than a 90s trends.”

So what’s the most iconic fashion trend? There have been plenty of memorable fashion designers over the years, but a poll reveals one piece of clothing that’s simply unforgettable. The survey of 2,000 people in the United Kingdom names the mini skirt as the most iconic fashion trend in history. The mini skirt beat out the “little black dress” and hot pants for the crown as fashion’s greatest garment. British designer Mary Quant has been widely credited as one of the creators of the modern mini skirt of the 1960s.

When it comes to everyday fashion, the survey found that a plain t-shirt and sneakers are one of the most common combos around. The fashion styles of the 90s are more than just nostalgia for me. I got to wear most of them in both high school and college. While there were some fashion faux pasthe decade also spawned many wardrobe staples that still stand the test of time.

That’s why StudyFinds put together a list of the best ’90s fashion trends, according to ten style experts. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

The List: Best 90s Fashion Trends, According to Style Experts

1. Overalls

If you were a child in the 1970s, at some point you probably wore a colorful pair of corduroy overalls. But in the 90s, overalls got a trendy denim overhaul. From celebrities to musicians, baggy overalls became a must-have wardrobe item. glam suggests, “no denim look is more ’90s than baggy overalls. Overalls are an almost complete outfit in one piece. While overalls are assumed to be a less fashionable piece, they are easy to make fashion-forward when paired with the right accessories.”

A woman in jean overalls (Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash)

Complex calls the overall trend, “so awesome—whether you rocked it with one strap or both straps down. Also, it limit to be Guess, or else you were just playing yourself.”

The Trend Spotters adds, “to rock this look in pure 90s style, try partnering a pair of classic blue overalls with a crop top and sneakers.”

My personal pro-tip: A baby tee also works nicely under a pair of overalls.

2. Slip Dresses

A slip dress was another fashion essential. Especially when dressing up for a night out in the 90s. “Equal parts sultry and effortless with a dash of rock n’ roll energy thrown in courtesy of

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Harry Styles Satellite Video Spotlights Fan Fashion

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Photography by Getty Images

The singer honored the signature feather boas and cowboy boots worn by dedicated “Harries” in the new video for “Satellite.”

Anyone who’s been to a Harry Styles concert in the past two years, or has seen how his thousands of fans like to dress up for his shows, knows one thing to be true — Harries (the fandom name for Styles’ enthusiasts) has created a distinct concert-going uniform that consists of everything from brightly-colored fringe jackets to platform boots, cowboy hats and, of course, feather boas.

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In a new music video for Styles’ latest single, “Satellite,” the British pop star paid tribute to his fans’ unique fashion sense in a memorable way.

The video begins with a Mars rover-like robot named Stomper roaming the backstage halls at one of the 15 sold-out Love on Tourshows that Styles played at the Forum in Los Angeles in January of this year.

Stomper soon travels out to the arena floor but before that, the robot stops in front of a TV to listen to a documentary about the Mars Curiosity rover. At this point, successionfans will recognize a familiar voice as Logan Roy himself (Brian Cox) narrates a short voiceover.

After the brief succession cameo, Stomper ventures out to the floor of the venue as the night’s concert comes to an end. The small-but-mighty robot then finds itself navigating around hundreds of concert-goers who, as one can tell from their brightly-colored boots and ’70s-inspired bell bottoms, are unmistakable Harries.

Real-life Harries immediately noticed how the singer included these details about themselves and their outfits in the video — and quickly took to social media to share their thoughts.

There’s been speculation on social media if Styles used real footage of actual concert-goers in the video alongside the clips of actors decked out in Love on Tour wear. The general consensus seems to be that a mix of actors and actual fan footage was used, especially as fans now recount seeing the little robot roaming ominously among feather boa remnants and allegedly recording footage after some of the shows.

Many elements of the Styles fandom’s eccentric concert outfits can be attributed directly to Styles’ own past looks. For example, the feather boa is not only a popular accessory among his concert-goers, the singer also donned one himself during his 2021 Grammys appearance. Other standout style signatures of the British singer that are often replicated by fans include sequins, leather pants and leotards.

However, Harries don’t solely wear outfits that replicate Styles’ own looks. Instead, a culture centered around a shared respect, kindness and inclusivity has been fostered among fans and the colorful outfits they usually don to Show Styles’s represent just that — the ability to freely and openly express who they are.

Styles himself has made headlines for how his fashion sense has not only evolved throughout his career but how

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Meet Ed Lee, the Former Bottega Designer Who Helped Harry Styles Transform His Look

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Everything Harry Styles wears becomes news fodder. Whether he’s rocking a dress or a Halloween costume, his fearless sartorial statements only make him more lovable in the eyes of his ever-growing fan base. You could argue his style is what he’s become known for in recent years—pre-Don’t Worry Darling press tour, at least—but OG followers are aware that Styles’ penchant for fashion began much earlier than that.

"the class of 92" world premiere red carpet arrivals

Harry Styles in 2013.

Stuart C. Wilson//Getty Images

In the early days of One Direction, where Styles got his start, Tumblr was the social platform where so-called “Directioners” found a community and were collectively obsessed over the British boy band. Even I had a Tumblr dedicated to the junction of 1D and fashion. (Look at me now!) This particular crossroad of interest was not uncommon. Every article of clothing worn by the boys would be singled out, documented, critiqued, and restyled by countless lovestruck teenagers on blogs and fan accounts alike.

To put it plainly, fashion wasn’t always Styles’ thing. His initial uniform of khakis, plain white tees, and blazers morphed into ultra-skinny jeans, graphic T-shirts, and hats as the band and its fans aged. From its inception in 2010 to its (devastating) demise in 2016, each of 1D’s members underwent their own fashion evolution. Styles’ sartorial journey since going solo? It can’t be ignored.

“If we’re talking about Harry Styles, we have to talk about Harry Lambert,” says the designer Ed Lee, referencing the celebrity stylist famous for dressing the Grammy-winning artist. Lee worked with “The Harrys” back in 2014, when Lambert first started styling the singer. He had just graduated from London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins when Lambert reached out to use the young designer’s pieces for editorial shoots. “I was freaking out,” Lee remembers. “For a second, I thought, Was that a spam e-mail?” Soon after, Lambert started working with Styles—and he didn’t stop coming to Lee.

When One Direction performed on Saturday Night Live in December 2014, Lambert pulled one of Lee’s shirts for Styles to wear, and Tumblr ate it up. “That was like the biggest news for me that year. It was epic for me.”

harry styles snl performance 2014

Harry Styles wears a floral shirt by Ed Lee while performing with One Direction on Saturday Night Live in 2014.


Lee humbly says he “guesses” Styles was “pretty happy” with the shirt, because after that, Lambert asked him to design an entire closet of options for the star. Lee dug into his expansive collection of discarded, recycled and upcycled textiles to do so.

When it comes to design, Lee values ​​fluidity and open-minded thinking. A lack of rigidity, he says, is a foundational part of his approach. “I believe the textiles speak to me,” he shares. His process begins with the fabric. Before he thinks about sketching, draping, or cutting, the material is paramount. “I believe you need to feel comfortable. That’s the first thing for me in designing. Then, on top of that,

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Street Style’s Most Popular Piece for Spring 2023 Is Delightfully (and Refreshingly!) Grown Up

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Survey recent street style trends, and you’ll come across: Those viral, cartoonish red booties by Mschf that look better suited to Super Mario than Manhattanites; Miu Miu’s miniskirts are so micro, you need a scope to spot them; and an oversized belt by Diesel which could technically be worn as a skirt. The common thread? While eye-catching, none of these trends are relatively wearable to those who prioritize timelessness over hype. To insert myself into the narrative, I, personally, don’t really want to wear any of them.

Prada paper-based printed dress

Fast forward to February 2023, and behold—a Prada dress (to be more specific, a collection of dresses and separates) took street style by storm. There it was on Rickie De Sole, Nordstrom’s Women’s Fashion Designer & Editorial Director, walking about Milan. She opted for the lavender-hued skirt paired with knee-high boots and a black button-up. Later that week, influencer Jenny Walton wore a dress version in a tangerine color that’s sprayed with lilies of the valley to attend Prada’s fall 2023 show. Earlier in the season in New York, Vogue.com’s executive fashion and beauty director, Lisa Aiken was spotted in the magenta-colored skirt on her way to sit front row. And even outside of the fashion week circuit, Moda Operandi founder Lauren Santo Domingo wore the green dress (adorned with tulips) to a benefit. For me, a lover of polished, pretty clothing who likes to partake in fashion without appearing as a fashion road kill, here was a trend that felt decidedly grown-up, sophisticated, and incredibly wearable.

Prada printed satin midi skirt

Looking at the retailer’s offerings of this coveted collection, it’s clear that these skirts and dresses are resonating—many sizes are out-of-stock. All these pieces are part of Prada’s spring 2023 collection, which also features sumptuous satin outerwear that evokes evening coats of the 1960s; utilitarian collared gray jumpsuits that were baggier than catsuits but more fitted than hazmats; and sheer jumpers that appeared more like organza than knitwear. “Life and humanity crafts the clothes—not superficial embellishments, but traces of living, leaving marks. This idea of ​​clothes shaped by humanity excites us,” said Miuccia Prada of the collection.

The venue for the show, The Prada Fondazione, was covered in black craft paper for the occasion. It was a life-imitating art moment because the aforementioned, street style-approved dresses and skirts were inspired by torn paper. All the pieces feature springy colors that don’t meet the hems but appear jagged and frayed, as though the garment was watercolor paper, torn, and sculpted into a sheath dress. In reality, it is a cellulose-based technical fabric, but let’s just pretend it’s paper. “The most simple, modest material,” per Prada and Raf Simons.

Cue the applause for Prada, who delivered an It item that somehow has a lot of hype but none at all.

Prada printed slip midi dress

Prada printed satin dress

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