The ultra-cheap Chinese shopping site Temu is becoming the new online dollar store

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Temu, which is based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a subsidiary of Chinese commerce company PDD Holdings.STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images

  • Temu is the internet’s new discount store with bargain prices that rival dollar chains.

  • It’s run as a marketplace where sellers, who are mostly based in China, sell directly to consumers.

  • Since its US launch in September, it has become the most downloaded app on Google Play and Apple.

Temu is fast becoming the internet’s local dollar store.

This Chinese-owned, but US-headquartered e-commerce platform, is run as a marketplace where sellers – who are predominantly based in China – sell products to customers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. It consists of an app and website and has made waves in the US since its launch in Sept.

Its splashy marketing campaigns – including two 30-second spots at this year’s Superbowl, which were estimated to cost $14 million – set out to convince shoppers that it’s possible “to shop like a billionaire” even when you’re penny-pinching.

And it seems to be working. Temu’s app sped past Amazon, TikTok, and Instagram to reach the top of the download charts on both apples and Google Payand its ultra-low prices

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