TikTok prepares ‘Project S’ plan to break into online shopping

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TikTok is expanding its online retail offerings, with its Chinese parent company selling products through the viral video app as the group seeks to challenge rivals such as Shein and Amazon.

In recent weeks, UK users have begun to see a new shopping feature within the TikTok app called “Trendy Beat”, a section offering items that have proven popular on videos, such as tools to extract ear wax or brush off pet hair from clothing.

All the items advertised are shipped from China, sold by a company registered in Singapore that is owned by TikTok’s Beijing-based parent company ByteDance, according to filings and people familiar with the operations.

The model, similar to how Amazon makes and promotes its own range of best selling items, represents a vast shift from TikTok’s existing shopping marketplace. It currently allows other vendors to sell items through the TikTok Shop, which then takes a small commission.

By contrast, ByteDance would take all the proceeds from sales made through the Trendy Beat feature on TikTok, four people familiar with its operation said.

TikTok said it was currently testing the feature. “We are always exploring new ways to enhance our community’s experience, and we are in the early stages of experimenting with new shopping features,” the company said.

ByteDance is seeking new revenues that can justify its $300bn valuation, which makes it the world’s most highly valued private start-up, ahead of an expected initial public offering in the next two years.

The effort to start selling its own product is known internally as “Project S”, according to six people familiar with internal deliberations. They added ByteDance was building an online retailing unit to challenge groups such as fast-fashion brand Shein and Pinduoduo’s sister app Temu, a site that sells cheap products and features heavily on social media.

Project S is led by Bob Kang, ByteDance’s ecommerce chief, who has recently traveled from Shanghai to co-ordinate the efforts at TikTok’s offices in London, according to two employees. TikTok said Kang was in the UK for a number of reasons and reports to the app’s chief executive Shou Zi Chew.

Project S utilizes TikTok’s knowledge of items that are going viral on the app, allowing ByteDance to acquire or make those items themselves, according to people with the knowledge of the plan. The company then heavily promoted Trendy Beat products over rival sellers on TikTok, the people said.

TikTok said the brand used a network of suppliers to produce items for its Trendy Beat offering.

In order to boost its e-commerce business, ByteDance had recruited employees from Shein, two employees said.

“Bob Kang is obsessed with Temu and replicating his success, and he thinks they can do this by inserting themselves into the supply and sale process,” said another person familiar with the strategy in the UK.

ByteDance has been pushing to expand TikTok’s ecommerce offerings to

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The 15 Best Fashion Accounts to Follow on TikTok in 2023

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TikTok might be best known for its viral dance challenges, genius beauty hacks, and addictive cleaning reels, but the app is also dripping with outfit inspiration and tips, like how to make your jeans fit better and how to layer turtlenecks under sweaters. And you shouldn’t have to wait for a chance to look at your For You Page to find these brilliant creators. Whether you’re looking for ways to make the most out of your existing wardrobe, advice on how to pull off specific pieces, or just want to stay up to date on trends, here are some of the best TikTok fashion influencers to follow in 2023 .

Remy Bader

TikToks: @remibader

Why She’s Worth a Follow: Remi took TikTok by storm with her hilarious and relatable “realistic haul” videos, showing what clothing she bought online really looks like at home, when not on size-two models. Her humor, honesty, and openness about mental health have turned her into a bona fide star, and even earned her a Revolve collab — size-inclusive, of course.

Mandy Lee

TikToks: @oldloserinbrooklyn

Why She’s Worth a Follow: Yes, her handle is incredible, but Mandy’s fashion hot takes on the industry are even better. Plus, Mandy has perfected the art of the “mended haul” sharing the items she’s had repaired, rather than purchased — a refreshing change of pace from the buy, buy, buy culture of fashion TikTok.

Carla Rockmore

TikToks: @carlarockmore

Why She’s Worth a Follow: Often compared to none other than Carrie Bradshaw, jewelry designer Rockmore has earned a following of over 1.3 million followers thanks to her unique sense of style that values ​​self-expression above all else. If fashion brings you joy, hit the follow button ASAP.

Nava Rose

TikToks: @the. navarose

Why She’s Worth a Follow: Among the many street style accounts peppered around the app, Nava Rose is one of the best. Not only has she mastered grassroots streetwear, but her nearly 6 million followers will also tell you her special effects are top notch (re: all those transitions). From outfits inspired by emojis, BTSand trends through the decades, to her take on Harry Potter fashionNava Rose has an ensemble for everyone and every style.

Janice Glimmer

TikToks: @janiceglimmer

Why She’s Worth a Follow: For the pop culture obsessed, there’s Janice, the TikTok fashion influencer drawing outfit inspiration from popular shows, icons, and fictional characters. She’s created outfits based on Disney princesses, popular Netflix shows like Bridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit, music by the Beatles, Queen, and Stevie Nicks — and she even gets her mom involved in her style videos, too. Follow for a lot of fun and quirky takes on iconic looks.

Keri Fay

TikToks: @kerifay

Why She’s Worth a Follow: Keri Fay is a style influencer based in New York, and it’s no secret the city influences her #ootd. Her account is chock full of fashion and beauty tips, and occasional features celeb-inspired tutorials. Fay’s content is also educational, with videos

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