Margot Robbie is wowing on the red carpets Barbie outfit reps

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How many fashion enthusiasts sparked their earliest sartorial leanings by putting on fashion shows with their dolls, dressing them in velcro-affixed outfits and twisting their synthetic hair into fantastical creations? Recently, as Margot Robbie and the cast of “Barbie” have embarked on a world press tour for the upcoming film, Robbie’s stylist Andrew Mukamal has been living out that childhood dream, dressing the real life Barbie in one deliciously girlie look after another.

And we’re all living in a Barbie world this summer. Between the film’s painstakingly recreated Dreamhouse set, Ryan Gosling’s Kenergy, director Greta Gerwig’s film credentials, a boppy soundtrack from Dua Lipa and Ice Spice and a top secret script (what is it about?!), this is the most hotly anticipated film in years .

The stakes are high, but Mukamal has succeeded in feeding the fandom all it desires, dressing Robbie in a nostalgic parade of iconic Barbie doll outfit recreations and vintage pieces from Versace, Chanel and Moschino, many paired with custom Manolo Blahnik stiletto mules perfect for slipping onto those arched, immobile feet.

Paying homage to the doll that started it all, Mukamal styled Robbie for a Sydney event in a black and white minidress by Hervé Léger with white sunglasses and a waved ponytail to channel the very first Barbie doll, The Original, released in 1959. And because Barbie never takes a day off — and that includes at the airport — Robbie exited the terminal in Sydney in a vintage 1990s Chanel ensemble including a pink tweed blazer and chinos, once worn by supermodel Claudia Schiffer, complete with matching pink luggage from Streamline.

It’s a fun fashion history lesson we didn’t know we needed. Here, the details on Robbie’s top looks from the Barbie press tour so far.

Solo in the Spotlight Barbie in Los Angeles

Perhaps Barbie’s most glamorous look was saved for the LA premiere: a glittering black Schiaparelli Haute Couture custom-made gown by designer Daniel Roseberry. The form-fitting, hand-beaded black dress featured a red rosette at the calf and a tulle hem that fanned straight out for maximum drama, paired with long black gloves and a pink chiffon handkerchief, just like the 1960 doll. Lorraine Schwartz diamond necklaces and stud earrings solidified this look as a total showstopper.

Enchanted Evening Barbie in London

Margot Robbie in Vivienne Westwood.

For the London premiere, Robbie wore a pale pink satin Vivienne Westwood gown with a rosette at the waist and long train, accessorized with a white ruffled shrug, satin gloves and triple strand of pearls. The look is almost an exact replica of the 1961 Enchanted Evening Fashion Barbie; she wore her hair in a high bouncy pony, while Robbie went for an updated chignon with face-framing pieces.

Totally Hair Barbie in Mexico

Margot Robbie in Pucci.

Crimped hair that cascaded almost to the floor was the calling card of this 1992 doll. A mass of crimped extensions by Robbie’s hairstylist Bryce Scarlett was paired with a multicolored printed dress from Emilio Pucci, pink Manolo Blahnik pumps, a Chanel bag and Taffin

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This Week in Style: Fashion takes action, Canada updates its clean beauty legislation and Thom Browne takes Paris

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Sustainability updates

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Fashion Takes Action’s ReMode event in May, which featured talks, a clothing swap and vendor marketing place with businesses that are all focused on reuse, repair, resale, rental, upcycling.Olga Hutsul/Handout

The United Nations wants fashion marketers to do better

“Sustainable fashion” has become an umbrella term for brands aiming to protect both the environment and the workers producing garments. The term’s growing popularity may be a sign that the fashion industry, dominated by mass-produced styles that move quickly from the catwalk to store, is waking up to its role in overconsumption, waste and carbon emissions (which the UN estimates at 10 per cent of global carbon impacts). But some fashion brands are overstating the sustainability of their products, says Nikki Byrne, a director at Fashion Takes Action, an organization currently conducting a government-backed study on Canadian consumer’s attitudes and behaviors toward sustainable and circular fashion. “There’s constant misinformation and so much greenwashing,” says Byrne. “Even if they are well-meaning, the fashion marketers don’t often understand the science or why there are 50 or more certifications to verify sustainability, which can make it hard for consumers to understand what they’re buying. The more brands can share the data, the more educated consumers become.” A new Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook calls on the global fashion industry to do just that.

The playbook, released last week by the UNEP and the UN Climate Change-convened Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, calls for fashion media to work toward countering misinformation, reducing messages perpetuating overconsumption, redirecting consumers to more sustainable lifestyles and demanding greater action from businesses and policy-makers. Around 100 companies, including LVMH, Chanel, Nike and PUMA, are signed on to the charter, and to update on their progress in the following. “The playbook really speaks to the power of advertising and marketing and the role it plays in driving consumption. Brands need to take more responsibility,” says Byrne.


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An update to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act means clean beauty advocates can push for greater transparency about harmful ingredients in personal care products.misuma/AFP/Getty Images

Bills S-5 and your future beauty buys

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), which regulates everything from vehicle emissions to the ingredients in your lipstick, was modernized for the first time since it was introduced in 1999 this June, with the assent of Bill S-5. The updated legislation codifies that every individual in Canada has the right to a healthy environment. “This is a legislative framework for protecting human health, and what we put on our bodies and faces is part of that,” says Jen Lee, chief impact officer of Beautycounter, an American company which has been lobbying in Ottawa this spring, meeting with MPs to elevate issues such as codifying the list of prohibited ingredients, prohibiting phthalates from being used in cosmetics, and closing the ingredient loophole. Lee says this is a win for the beauty industry, but only scratches the surface.

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Milano Beauty Week’s Sophomore Edition to Run After City’s Fashion Shows

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MILAN — Milano Beauty Week is changing dates for its sophomore edition.

After its debut last year in spring, the city’s consumer-facing event dedicated to beauty is moving to fall and will run from Sept. 26 to Oct. 2, right after Milan Fashion Weeks.

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The new timing and schedule of events was shared Friday, when the organizers hosted a press conference.

In addition to the new dates, another novelty is the doubling in the number of primary sites dedicated to the event. The Palazzo Castiglioni location will be added to the Palazzo Giureconsulti building in being turned into a Beauty Village that will host panels, workshops, laboratories and charity events related to the cosmetic world. These will be flanked by activations across the city, at beauty retailers, department stores, perfumeries and pharmacies, as well as cultural spots that will be involved in the week-long edition.

A brainchild of the national association of beauty companies Italian Cosmetics in collaboration with the Cosmoprof and Exxence trade shows, the initiative was introduced last year with the goal to promote the values ​​of the Italian cosmetic industry and create awareness around both the social and economic roles it plays in the country.

“Last year we launched an extremely ambitious and unprecedented cultural project: to create and implement a large-scale event that could narrate to anyone the values ​​​​of our industry, its relevance for the country and the essential nature of cosmetics,” said Cosmetica Italy’s president Benedetto Lavino.

According to data released by the association, the total sales of the local beauty industry grew 12.4 percent to 13.3 billion euros in 2022, and are projected to increase 7.9 percent this year. In particular, sales generated in the Lombardy region accounted for 66.2 percent of the national total.

Last year, overall exports grew 18.5 percent to 5.8 billion euros compared to the previous year, while projections show 10 percent growth for 2023.

The industry plays a key role on the occupational front as well as for its scientific impact, since local beauty companies invest an average of 6 percent in innovation, double the investment made by other manufacturing industries in the country.

Ambra Martone and Benedetto Lavino.

Ambra Martone and Benedetto Lavino

In presenting the program for the upcoming edition, Accademia del Profumo’s president Ambra Martinone underscored the inclusive nature of the event, since all activities will be open to the public and mainly free.

The city’s central Palazzo Giureconsulti will continue to include beauty corners, olfactory and floral laboratories to train visitors on the importance of raw materials for cosmetics. Novelties will include the Wellness Lodge section offering free sessions of yoga, face yoga and meditation in the morning, as well as the Never Ending Beauty project promoting the circularity of the industry. Here, visitors will be invited to bring their old and empty bottles of beauty products, which will be replaced with new ones by partner companies of the event, while they will also receive information on how the packaging will be recycled

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How Princess Diana’s style still has an impact in 2023 according to 6 fashion experts

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The mark that Princess Diana left in the fashion world is boundless. Arguably, she’s the most influence style muse in fashion history, and still, 25 years after her death, her distinguishable sartorial agenda is still being used as inspiration for the whole industry.

The most recent example? This week, when designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, showcased his Fall/Winter 2024 show at the Château de Versailles and explained the whole collection was inspired by Lady Di, “Jacquemus’ latest collection was all based on references from her most iconic style moments, such as the sapphire and pearl triple strand necklace that she wore with her revenge dress,” explains Hello! Fashion’s digital editor Natalie Salmon.

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© Anwar Hussein
Diana, Princess of Wales, wore her famous black “revenge dress” commissioned from Christina Stambolian, to attend the Vanity Fair party at the Serpentine Gallery on November 20, 1994

Alongside the 80s silhouettes, like the puffed sleeves that the designer said, “will become a signature of Jacquemus,” Kendall Jenner walked the runway in a look that combined two of Diana’s most iconic fashion moments.

Kendall Jenner walks the runway during "Le Chouchou" Jacquemus' Fashion Show© Pascal Le Segretain
Kendall Jenner walks the runway during “Le Chouchou” Jacquemus’ Fashion Show

Off the runway and on to street style, you only have to glance at what the It-girls of 2023 are wearing on their days off to see how Diana’s personal laid back style has been injected into it. Sweatshirts over cycling shorts, straight leg trousers loosely tucked into boots, and varsity jackets. Alongside influencing the models of the moment like Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski, Di’s sartorial power is also proven to be popular with the next generation. The hashtag #princessdianastyle has over 61 million views on TikTok – the platform predominantly used by Gen Z’s.

Diana's style is copied for every style of dressing©Getty
Diana (left), Hailey Bieber (middle) and Sonia Lyson (right)

In an interview with ITN, Diana once said, “fashion isn’t my ‘big thing’ at all. Obviously if I’m helping the fashion industry and the British side of things, well that’s marvellous. But I never try to do that “. An ironic viewpoint considering her stratospheric influence around the world, not just on her home turf.

We spoke to six fashion experts about their thoughts on how Lady Di’s style code still influences the sartorial agenda in 2023:

Alice Manners

Alice Manners©Instagram
Alice Manners

“Princess Diana’s style influence stretched into every part of our lives – from her classic 90s gym looks to her highland outfitting and of course her timeless, classic occasion-wear style prowess. She was and still is on many moodboard references for photoshoots and personal styling clients.”

Diana, Princess of Wales attending the Ascot race meeting in England, wearing a black and white spotted dress by Victor Edelstein and a Philip Somerville hat, in 1988©Getty
Diana, Princess of Wales attending the Ascot race meeting in England, wearing a black and white spotted dress by Victor Edelstein and a Philip Somerville hat, in 1988

“She was effortlessly bold in her eveningwear choices and I think this made everyone who followed her so proud and

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All the Reasons To Start Grocery Shopping on the Stores’ Apps

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For people who are used to grocery shopping the old-fashioned way — with paper coupons in hand instead of a smartphone — the digital age of couponing and shopping apps can feel a bit overwhelming. Now, not only do many grocery stores have their own apps and loyalty programs, but there are dozens of savings apps all claiming to help consumers find the best deals. But do they really?

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There is definitely money to be saved. GOBankingRates spoke with experts on all the reasons why you should want to start grocery shopping on your stores’ apps.

Stacking Coupons and Coupon Matching

Shopping apps are well worth their time to get up to speed on them, according to Tasia Boland, a frugal living expert who keeps the blog The Frugal Farm Girl. The primary reason behind searching for coupons on store apps and websites is to save users a significant amount of money.

“One of the most effective ways to maximize savings is by stacking coupons and using coupon match-ups, which are when you are stacking a sale price with a coupon. Or you can add an app like Ibotta and Fetch to the stack,” he said.

She recommends using coupon blogs in addition to apps to achieve this stacking effect, such as The Krazy Coupon Lady and Hip2save.

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Add Manufacturer’s Coupons, Too

Boland said that in addition to the in-app coupons specific to a grocery store, consumers can pair these discounts with any manufacturer coupons. In her neighborhood, the main grocery store is Tops Market. “The Tops store coupons are typically for savings on their own brand, which is a great deal considering that store brand items are less than name brands.”

However, take the membership-only warehouse chain Sam’s Club for example. “They now offer exclusive discounts in the Sam’s app when you use their ‘Scan & Go.’ These savings can be used when items are even on sale. BJ’s Wholesale Club is another one starting to offer exclusive app-only coupons. Again using these extra coupons on top of BJ’s store coupons is a great saving.”

When you are able to stack two coupons on one item, most of the time you are looking at a 50% discount. Combining multiple discounts on a single product allows users to get the best possible price, Boland said. “Many store apps and websites make it easy to identify these opportunities, ensuring that users never miss out on a great deal.”


One of the most obvious advantages to using grocery shopping apps is convenience, said Carlos Barros, Director of Marketing at Epic Now, a cloud-based software provider for electronic point of sale. “Having your phone and handy apps allows you to access information, compare prices and make informed decisions on the go. You can easily check product reviews, ratings, and specifications to ensure

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